6 Fun Facts about Piranhas

Here are 6 fun facts about piranhas in the amazon river. These not-so-cuddly creatures are not the vicoous monsters that Hollywood movies make them out to be. In fact, some species of piranhas are in reality vegetarians and need warm water for survival!

Read on for more amazing piranha facts.

1. Females of the species can lay more than 5000 eggs and both the males and female fishes take good care of them till they hatch.

2. The strength in these small fishes is so strong that they can break a human hand in seconds.

3. Since these active fishes are cannibals, they tend to eat their own young ones and attack other of their species for some ready-to-eat meat when it’s in short supply.

4. Piranhas have a silver body that has red patches all over which serve as camouflage in muddy water.

5. Locals like to make weapons out of the teeth of piranhas.

6. The 3 biggest enemies of piranhas – crocodiles, turtles and dolphins.